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Aluminium Slides

12Bar Slides aluminium slides are available in 8 stunning colours and two convenient lengths.

The Inner Sleeve neoprene insert is available for a tighter fit on the finger.  

The dimensions of the aluminium slides are 42mm long, 22mm inside diameter, 3mm wall thickness.

We’ve been developing these for a long time, working out the precise combination of wall thickness and high polish finish.  We have made these deliberately large so they’re perfect if your fingers have a fuller figure.  Alternatively, select the Inner Sleeve option for smaller sizes and a snug fit that feels more like 20mm diameter.  

These perform in a similar way to our Steel slides, with slightly less top end in the tone.  Great for distorted electric guitar solos.  And they look AWESOME, right?


Lucifer Red


Delta Rose


Hobo Purple


Gold Rush


Mississippi Green


Hoochie Coochie Blue


New Orleans Blue


Boogie Woogie Black

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