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WELCOME!  And thank you for checking out our range of guitar slides.  We're glad to have you here.

Slide guitar music is an absolute passion for us. Those old recordings by the 1930s Delta masters -  the lyrical sound is just so expressive and inspiring.  Slides are used to create amazing sounds not only in blues music, but also in heavy rock, Hindustani music, 60s pop, modern country.  Slide music is everywhere, and the only limit is … well, there just isn’t one.

We have created a range of guitar slides that don't only sound great, but they look awesome too.  We want to encourage 12Bar Slides artists to be individual, to stand out, to let their slide reflect their uniqueness.  

We really mean it when we say we live & breathe guitar slides, nothing else.  

Aluminium Slides
green purple gold dark blue coloured aluminium guitar slides.jpg
Coloured Glass Slides
Ceramic Slides
Clear Glass Slides
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